Book:  Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics (2003)
Regarding this inability to visualize what tiny objects look like, Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft says (in a Youtube-video) that:  “there is one little peculiar feature in the theory of quantum mechanics … there are a couple of questions that you are not allowed to ask … don’t ask what the real thing is that you are looking at … don’t ask what a particle is in reality, don’t ask what a force is” …  Plus, he adds that  “we have to replace all of quantum mechanics by a something where you can ask these questions”  and  “there is room for different views, such as mine … QM is not a theory, but a mathematical tool.  The elementary laws of nature are yet to be discovered.”  
To this I say:  good for him !!  I’m glad that someone with his stature in the physics community has the courage to make such a bold statement !!  To view this video, go to and input into the search-box “Nobel Laureate Lecture Prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft”
At 34 minutes in the same video ‘t Hooft says that  “the physics of black holes appears to be contradictory … indicating that there is something that we don’t understand”
“We believe that there is much that is beyond the standard model, and so, you have this tension, between having this beautiful model that’s working very well, and knowing that somewhere behind that is some additional information that we are hoping to find”  —George Smoot, in an interview done on the day after CERN announced the “discovery” of the “Higgs particle.”
On Youtube, titled:  “Is dark matter real?  with George Smoot and Martinus Veltman”
In the same video, he says that “whatever dark matter [is], it isn’t going to radically change how you treat the formation of a galaxy”

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